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Christian Bedtime Stories for Kids

Our peaceful audio stories help to calm minds with reassuring messages, things that are good, honest, pure and lovely, healthy food for thought.

  • Encourage Your Child's Relationship with God
  • Create Peaceful Bedtimes
  • Explore God’s wisdom together
  • Embrace sleep while hearing Bible truths
  • Great for Toddlers, Preschoolers and Primary-schoolers

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Latest Story

I See You

This is a story about a girl named Pip and her grandad Tom, and a day that was one of the very best in Pip’s seven and a half years here on Earth. A story about family, and what it’s like to be known and loved.

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A girl and her granddad eat an ice cream while enjoying harbour views

Bible-based Stories

Evergrace stories are peaceful, quiet and meaningful, an easy way to reflect on good things with your children.

Evergrace iphone app playing Beach at Night