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Saying goodbye to a furry or feathery friend is a hard thing to do. But we have the best comforter around, who has promised to never leave our side.

Pets are well loved members of a family, and their passing can be very tricky to come to terms with, particularly for little people. For many kids their very first experience with grief can be through the loss of a pet, and the resulting heartbreak can be very overwhelming. There’s lots of ways we can try to deal with all of these heavy feelings, but the Bible teaches us the very best way is to bring them to God.

Peachy is a true story, based on my daughter Fern’s very first pet; a much desired friend that she’d been waiting for for a long time. Peachy’s passing was a shock for all of us but God proved Himself faithful, and being able to teach her where to turn for comfort was a beautiful lesson. 

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  • Revelation 21:4
  • Psalm 147:3
  • Psalm 91:4

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