Wendy smiling, wearing a blue, black and yellow top.

Wendy Abel-Campbell

Wendy is a talented artist and musician. Her elegant artworks capture the essence of our simple stories.

I’m Wendy, and I draw pictures for the Evergrace app. I love art and music and lots of other things too. A few years ago i finished an ‘Honours Degree in Visual Art’. I felt very lucky to be able to go to University and draw and paint all day.

These days, I live near the beach in a place called Terrigal. I like to walk down to the beach in the morning, and watch the sunrise, the water, and people swimming. I often talk to God when I am there. The amazing view reminds me that He is so creative and clever and that He made it all. And to top it off He’s my friend.

In fact, because God is so creative and clever, I can ask him to help me with all sorts of things. Sometimes I ask him to help me with big things like being sick, or feeling very worried, and other times I’ll ask him to help with little things… like even helping me to draw a picture. And of course, he does help me 🙂 I love that I can ask Jesus anything and talk to him about everything.

Wendy's Recent Work

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