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The Woodworker

What do you have in common with a messy, splintery piece of wood? Quite a lot, it turns out.

Raw, unfinished wood is a beautiful thing to see, but turning it into something amazing requires a plan and an expert touch. And just as a woodworker works to bring a dream to reality, God faithfully works to take us from a place of ruin and decay to one of redemption and beauty.

In so many ways, we are just like those unfinished pieces of wood; messy, maybe a little broken, but full of promise. And our wonderful God is an expert woodworker- delighting in us at every step of the way, splinters and everything. And the very best part of all? God will continue this faithful work in our lives until the very end, ultimately turning us into the most beautiful masterpiece.

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  • Philippians 1:6

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