Help & FAQs

How can we help?

Email us and we will get it sorted. We read and respond to all emails, usually within the day.


What is the Evergrace App?

It is a listening library of quiet but encouraging stories for children written by Christian parents.

Why is it called Evergrace?

Evergrace is the name of the first child of our founding parents Brad and Claire. The idea for the Evergrace App was formed while helping their daughter to sleep.

Who are you, what do you believe?

Please see our About page.

How much does it cost?

Please refer to your local app store as the price is different in every country. We offer monthly or annual subscriptions and also a Free 30 day trial.

Do you collect private information or share it with anyone?

We record non-identifiable usage statistics that helps us improve our product. Information like how many times a story is played, and which stories are most played. We're big on privacy so take a read of our Privacy page.

What age are Evergrace stories aimed at?

Each family will be different, but we know children from 3-12 years who listen regularly and independently. Some families with younger children from 0-3 also find our stories are a useful part their routines. As we grow our library there will be an increasing variety of stories and more opportunity to use those most suited for your family.

How many stories are there?

Currently there are 34 stories live on the app, and we are busy right now producing more.

Will it put my child to sleep?

We give no guarantees! We just know that it helps many families to have these quiet and encouraging stories ready for bed time routines or occupying long car trips.

Why should I subscribe to Evergrace?

Because you are a parent, guardian, caregiver or teacher who wants to encourage those who you care for to choose to follow God. Our stories are quiet but interesting, fun but not hyper, easy to listen to but not repetitive, encouraging but not too preachy.

Where do I get the app?

Just click this link or search for "evergrace" in your app store!

How do I manage/cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions to the Evergrace app are managed on your mobile device through your App Store or Google Play account.

For Apple iOS devices see here:

For Google Android devices see here:

Can I share my Evergrace subscription?

Yes, kind of. Your subscription is automatically shared to your App Store or Google Play "family account members". So if you are using the family sharing feature on your Apple/Google account then it will be automatically shared.

To activate a new app installation just tap "Restore Purchase" in the Evergrace app when you are prompted to purchase. But, regarding sharing between platforms (ie between Apple and Google devices) we don't have this ability yet, sorry, we are working on it.

How do I log in to Evergrace

If you have an Evergrace account (different to an Apple or Google subscription) then tap the Login link on the Purchase screen. See here for more info.