Nana Deidre smiling at a cafe, wearing a green jacket.

Nana Deidre

Nana Deidre has the best stories about growing up in the Olden Days. She is kind and hospitable and looks after everyone as if she was their very own Nana. And best of all, she always has a stash of sweets in her bag!

G’day. I’m Nanna Deidre and I grew up in the olden days.

I am very blessed to have lots of kids and grandchildren. Well it feels like a lot anyway when we all get together - there’s so much noise and laughter. Being together with the family and friends is one of my favourite things of all, and I am grateful to be able to do it.

Some other favourite things are swimming in the ocean, walking in the rain, and sitting in front of a fire with a good book and chocolate, yum yum chewing gum.

Oh, and visiting places in this beautiful country I live in, and listening to my children play music and sing.

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