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Build 'em Up

Building sandcastles, treehouses and more. It’s something we all love to do. Join our fun friend Frankie, the fly on the wall reporter, as he observes some very impressive and important building at the Jones household.

Mrs Jones seizes upon an everyday moment with her two boys, and a mistake becomes a triumph. She mixes some hot chocolate and a little bit of wisdom from the good book, and Frankie our fly on the wall reporter is there to cover all the details with his trademark enthusiasm, as well as taste test a few crumbs along the way!

Building is a satisfying process. Whether it’s a sandcastle or a skyscraper, whether you’re a kid on the beach or an engineer in the city, you can look back when it’s all done and feel good. Well chosen words can also have a real effect on the people who hear them. In this story we are all reminded to choose words that encourage and build up. This is the most important building we can do!

Our brains know a lot of words and our hearts have a lot of feelings. The words we speak can have a real effect on others. Let’s make a positive effect and choose to encourage and build up the people around us.

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  • Ephesians 4:2

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