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I See You

This is a story about a girl named Pip and her grandad Tom, and a day that was one of the very best in Pip’s seven and a half years here on Earth.

Being truly seen by someone is a special thing. To be seen is to be known, and the Bible tells us that to be known by God is to be loved by God. 

Sometimes it can be a little scary to be truly seen. There might be some parts of us that we feel ashamed of, or want to hide, but an important part of being seen is remembering that the special people around us love us no matter what. And it’s the same with God - in fact He sees EVERYTHING. All of our dreams, all of our fears, all of our failures, there’s no hiding from God. But He still thinks we’re wonderful.

The Bible talks about a loving Father who created the whole world, full of beauty and wonder, and yet it’s us that He cares for the most. How amazing is that.

And not only do we get to be known and loved by God, but He gives us family and friends who know and love us as well. Families, whether it’s those you’re related to or those that have been brought together by circumstance, are a place where we can both feel love, and learn to love. They’re a safe space where we can let our walls down and trust that we will be supported as we learn and grow. And a place where we know that we are truly seen.

Read Together

  • Matthew 6:26
  • Matthew 10:26–31
  • 1 Corinthians 8:3

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