Lauren & Jeremy sitting outside and smiling with their four children.

Lauren & Jeremy

You know you're in for a fun time when you hang with the Tibballs fam! Lauren is the creative engine of the house, while Jeremy's passion for Theology and history provides a great insight for the family.

Hi! We're the Tibballs clan. Those grown ups there, that's Jeremy and Lauren, and the cute kids? Lior, Elke Fern and Marlowe. We're a fun loving family of six who love nothing more than hanging out at home together. We like to get silly and use our imaginations, snuggle on the couch to read books together, and potter around our big bushy backyard.

We're forever looking for new ways to centre our lives around God as a family, and Evergrace has been a part of that journey. We love to close out our day, coming together to listen to a story or two (or three, or four or five!), and setting our minds on 'things above' together.

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