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Bill & Kate

Hi, I'm Bill.

I live in the Blue Mountains with my wife, two daughters and two pet bunny rabbits, Thumper and Snowflake. We also have two pet fish, Mandy and Augustus, and two pet clams, Clamentine and Jeremy von Schnoop.

I've got lots to be grateful for - I've been blessed with a wonderful family, and I live amongst lots of nature, surrounded by God's beautiful creation.

As well as writing some of the Evergrace episodes, I also write a lot of the music you hear in our stories, and I put all the audio together so it sounds good.

I love working on these stories, and I really hope you love them too.

Recent Work

  • A house of playing cards with Frankie the fly inspecting them.
  • A mother holding her baby. The illustrated artwork of You Are So Loved by Samantha Heidrich.
  • cicada
  • Treehouse_square

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