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Joe & Katherine

Hi I’m Joe, that’s me and my family in the picture. I’m the one with the beard. I have been lucky enough to live in the country, the city and now by the beach. I love being outside, It’s the best – well, nearly the best – what’s even better is knowing that this big and beautiful planet was made by a God who loves and cares about me.

After God and family, some of my other favourite things are going surfing, and making art and music. I also love eating pizza!

I am having a lot of fun working on Evergrace – I hope you’re enjoying it!

Recent Work

  • A house of playing cards with Frankie the fly inspecting them.
  • An octopus swimming among a coral rockpool
  • artwork-s-019-sweetest-sound-1400.jpg
  • White and red love heart glasses

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