Brad smiling and hugging his daughter Evergrace.

Brad Flood

Brad wears many hats: writer, producer, leader and all-round force of nature. Brad's dedication and passion for Evergrace is infectious and inspiring.

G'day, I'm Brad :) nice to meet you.

I'm stoked to be working on Evergrace and to be producing these stories for you and other families around the world. The work is hard but it's thoroughly enjoyable, and a real blessing!

Another blessing is having God as the centre of my life. I didn't know the Lord when I was growing up, but in my early 20's I started searching for "something out there". After a long journey through various religions and philosophies I finally found something with true power, Bible-based Christianity! Soon I was baptised and born again, and immediately the drugs, immorality, cursing, lying, cheating, stealing, and all the rest of that rubbish left me and I was given a clean slate to start again.

Since that time my life has been filled with abundant blessings, a lot of learning, and victory after victory through very difficult times and situations. I've been healed of depression and have had countless miracles and provisions in my life too.

The Lord is my rock, and I'm super grateful to have him.

I live on the Fraser Coast of Queensland Australia, with my wonderful wife Claire and our two beautiful children. We love the beach, being with our family and friends, and contributing to the Lord's work through our church.

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