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Why do we charge for a Christian product?

This is a valid question. One we've likely all thought of before.

It's a common assumption in the Christian world that most things related to God are free. Church meetings a free. A pastor's time is free. So you might assume Christian products and services should be free too. It makes sense - we all love to give our time and resources to the Lord. And we know people shouldn't be profiting from God or his people.

The Word warns us of the pitfalls that a love of money can bring. It's not something to be taken lightly. But does that mean we can't ask for compensation for providing resources to the Christian community?

We ask for payment because we need to. We are trying to make a living off of something we are immensely passionate about and believe in. I mean seriously, who wants to work a boring job when you could be working on your most beloved pursuit instead?

Isn't your dream to work on your passions and get paid for it too?

Skin in the game

Since 2018 Claire and I have put it all on the line. All our savings. Our house deposit (we're still renting!). For years now we've lived paycheck to paycheck whilst working a full-time job to keep Evergrace afloat. It's tough going!

But you know what? We wouldn't have it any other way. We love what we are doing. And most of all, we believe in it. We trust and pray that we can make a difference. And we know that success can't come without sacrifice.

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4)

Don't muzzle the ox

We are constantly working on producing new stories. Each story takes us around 6-8 weeks to create and costs somewhere between $8,000 and $12,000 apiece. 

Our ask? $4 or $5 per month from the families that love our work and benefit from it.

Our daughter loves listening to these stories over and over! They are so well done and so different! They get to the heart of the matter in such a creative way!

Thank you for your wonderful, Christian bedtime stories. My Granddaughter faithfully hears one or two a night at bedtime... the same ones over and over... she just loves them, and actually drifts off to sleep peacefully.

These stories are great. They are read at a peaceful and calm pace. My 4 years old requests these stories every day at nap time and bedtime. I hope they keep releasing more stories because they’re great.

Families all around the world are loving our work. It makes a positive impact on their lives and we are helping them to raise wise and discerning children.

And also, their financial contributions help us to keep going. Without them, we would have to close shop. So thank you, our awesome supporters.

The labourer is worthy of his wages

Charging for a Christian product doesn't have to be about doctrine or greed. It can be just a practical need like any other business. It takes time and money to create great things, and we all have families to support and bills to pay.

So if our hearts are right in the sight of the Lord then may the Lord direct our steps and prosper our way.

Brad smiling and hugging his daughter Evergrace.

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